How do we transition from a culture based on competition to a culture founded on collaboration?
For the purpose of sustainable projects and initiatives.

Dragon Dreaming (DD) is a holistic method of maximum creativity based on systems thinking theory, deep ecology and traditional methods of project management. DD gives communities, companies and people tools that allow them to develop projects in an integral way with their philosophy of charismatic communication and a “win-win-win” culture. DD promotes both the personal growth of each individual and the development of supportive communities base on leadership, passion & responsibility.

Who is it for?
Facilitators of change processes in communities and organisations
Community and social leaders who want to work towards common dreams
Social entrepreneurs and educators
Directors and community coordinators
Coordinators of leadership programs and social participation
Project managers in social change organisations.

What tools will gain from the workshop:
1. We will learn to provide and create solutions to existing problems in the development process and work together as a project team.
2. We will introduce a dynamic, flexible, innovative and multidimensional organisation model that will incorporate new social and economic paradigms.
3. We experience a new approach to create an organisational vision according to the needs of the changing market.
4. We will introduce tools to empower the employees of the organisation, to develop leadership skills and express creativity.
5. We will combine pleasure and self-realisation as a key component of success.

Dror Noy (Israel)
Co-founder of Yumajai, expert in social innovation, entrepreneur, facilitator of change through social technologies. His work and passion are driven by community building, co-creation, creativity and systemic thinking. Through these methods he is interested in exploring a new future of; learning, work and co-existence.

Talya Weinberg (Colombia/Israel)
Co-founder Yumajai, actress, social clown, entrepreneur and social innovator. Throughout her career she has specialised in physical, medical and social clown theatre, social technologies, therapy techniques with a focus on working with humour as a tool for research, community intervention and social transformation.

for more info: https://ddlondon.weebly.com/

Depending on the contribution people can make, (we work with a sliding scale) we ‘ll need a certain amount of people to cover the costs. If we can’t cover the costs (according to the preregistrations), the workshop will be canceled.

For more info about these prices and to preregister: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmEDPEBntfgJHHzl_CrotZ9erRSokZ1SgUCldgPus2PZ52QQ/viewform

It is possible to stay over in our common room. You bring your own matresses, sleeping bags etc and pay 10 euro’s per person.

for more info: info@deweegbree.be

We look forward to meeting you!