This fast of detoxification and cleansing based on the Ayurvedic Science, is an invitation to take some time for you, to rest and purify the organism and prepare it for the new cycle.


Benefits of Ayurvedic Detox

In this rhythm that we are living, a regime of cleaning and purifying is more vital than ever for our health.

Our bodies and minds are asked to process an endless interference of harmful factors, such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions and psychological stress. Over time, these stressors can cause toxicity to accumulate in the system, deposit in the tissues and endanger our health. A periodic cleaning helps eliminate these accumulations of the body.

A simple three day cleanse can help:

  • Improve digestion and metabolic function.
  • Promote regular and balanced elimination.
  • Support the maintenance of a healthy body weight.
  • Encourage an enhanced sense of energy, vitality and enthusiasm for life.
  • Promote clarity, spiritual and emotional.
  • Encourage a balanced sleep cycle.
  • Promote the improvement of health in general.


The program includes:

Specific yoga postures for the digestive system, breathing exercise, understanding the ayurvedic approach, learning about spices and there medicinal properties and sweetlodge.


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